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Flocon Plus N antiscalant is a high performance
liquid product, highly effective in controlling the
deposition of inorganic scale forming salts on
seawater membrane units (SWRO).

  • Excellent control of carbonate and sulphate
  • scales for cost effective operation
  • Compatible with all major membranes
  • International potable water approvals
  • Dispersant


Flocon Plus N is a neutralized aqueous solution
of organic acids. There are no special
requirements regarding materials of
construction of dosing system.
The recommended injection point is into the
feedwater downstream of any filtration
equipment and cartridge filters.


Flocon Plus N is miscible with water in all
proportions. It may be applied as the neat product,
or as a solution in permeate. A minimum dosing
solution strength of 10% w/w is recommended.
Flocon Plus N should be dosed continuously and
proportionately to the feed water flow, to maintain
the recommended dose level.
The dose level required is dependent on the quality
of the feedwater and the saturation indices of the
various scale forming species present in the
concentrated brine. Proprietary computer software
is used to calculate scaling indices and calculate
optimum system recovery. Dose level projections
and recommendations are available on request.
*Please consult with your BWA Water Additives
representative to determine optimal dosage
recommendations for your system.


Packaging / Weight

  • Pail 55 lb 25 kg
  • Drum 507 lb 230 kg
    *Consult your sales representative for availability.

Physical Properties

  • Appearance Clear amber liquid
  • pH 8.0 to 8.5
  • Specific gravity at 1.10 to 1.15
  • 20/20oC
  • Freezing point range 0 to -5 °C


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