System Design

At UNITECh, We provide a full range of services. To be able to provide comfort and maximum benefit for our customers and partners.

total intergration envolving

At Unitech, we emphasize on a total design intergration envolving, chemical dosage, monitoring equipment, commissioning after sales service. Basically and for a better & efficient service, the staff of Unitech is composed of 120 engineers and technicians who are highly specialized in order to meet the growing technical requirement of water purification.

All Authorized Distributors

Due to these activities, Unitech became the authorized distributors of :-“DOWEX” Ion Exchange Resin Dow Chemical – USA “DOW” Filmtec Membrane Dow Chemical – USA “PUREGEN” Pressure Vessel PureGen Technology Inc.- USA “C & S” Australian Anthracite James Cumming – Australia “SUMMIT” Polyaluminum Chlorohydrate Summit Research Labs – USA “TRIPLE O” Ozonator Triple O System, Inc.- USA “FLOCON” 135, 260, PLUS BWA – UK “PRAHER” PVC Ball/Diaphragm Valve Praher Valves GmbH

one of the pioneers and largest manufactures

Unitech Co., Ltd. is one of the pioneers and largest manufactures in the field of water treatment, drinking water, demineralized water, ultrapure water, USP water as well as re-use water system. We have immensely experience in installation of water and waste water system for industrial factories as the following :-

                      • Semiconductor                                                                                    • Food & Beverage                                                    • Pharmaceutical 

                      • Textile                                                                                                  • Chemical Process                                                  • Power Plant (etc….)