Myron L 512T5 DS Conductivity Meter, 0-5000 ppm

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Product features

  • TDS 0-5000 parts per million (PPM)
  • Temperature Automatic (to 25°C/77ºF) for conductivity Compensation samples between 10-71°C/50-160°F
  • Power One 9 volt battery supplied; Battery Life: >2000 tests/1 year
  • Cell Cup Chip and crack resistant polyethylene
  • Readout 2½ in. taut-band shock resistant meter

Product description

The Myron L DS TDS Meter model 512T5 is a portable, hand-held single-range instrument with a scale of 0-5000 ppm. Single Range DS meter. Quickly determines the ppm/Total Dissolved Solids of almost any solution. Field-tested design has evolved over 40 years, making this the most popular and reliable hand-held conductivity meter style in the world. Fast, accurate, on-the-spot measurement with built-in electrodes for maximum protection.

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