Suez Ecell Stack – EDI STACK

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EDI is an innovative approach to electrode ionization that replaces conventional mixed bed water treatment technology to delivery dramatic benefits for your operation. Its modular stack-and-rack design makes.

An industry leader in ultrapure and high purity water technology with up to 18 MOhm-cm resistivity

SUEZ’s E-Cell* electrodeionization (EDI) technology removes residual salts and ionizable aqueous species – such as carbon dioxide, silica, ammonia and boron – from your water sources. The EDI systems operate chemical-free, achieve 97% water recovery, and consume only electricity. They are ideal for multiple applications including: power generation for boiler feed and NOx control, semiconductors, microelectronics, food and beverage, and pharmaceuticals.

E-Cell technology dates back to 1978 and SUEZ has been innovating ever since to develop a reputation of high reliability and performance, while consuming less energy than the competition.


E-Cell EDI Benefits Versus Ion Exchange:

  • EDI requires no regeneration chemicals which simplifies environmental, health and safety concerns and reduces chemical costs
  • EDI operates continuously which minimizes risk of breakthrough from exhausted resin and simplifies operations by eliminating the need to take a system offline for regeneration
  • EDI reduces facility requirements by having a smaller footprint and lower height requirement than ion exchange, particularly when including supporting equipment such as chemical dosing systems
  • EDI has no hazardous wastewater discharge and wastes can be easily recycled without the neutralization systems needed for ion exchange



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Dimensions 7 × 5 × 1 cm