Water recycles System

UNITECH is dedicated to helping you recycle and harvest water. To keep your business efficient and compliant, learn more about our leading water recycling solutions.

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Reverse osmosis (RO)

Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Systems are used for homes supplied by borewell water, hydroponics, drinking Water Stores, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Breweries, Wineries.

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Nanofiltration (NF)

Nanofiltration (NF) is a membrane liquid-separation technology sharing many characteristics with reverse osmosis (RO). Unlike RO, which has high rejection of virtually all dissolved solutes, NF provides high rejection of multivalent ions, such as calcium, and low rejection of monovalent ions, such as chloride.

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Ultrafiltration (UF)

Ultrafiltration System or UF is the latest membrane-based water filtration technology, provide significant benefits over disposable filters clarification system. UF membrane typically have pore size in the range of 0.01 to 0.1 µm and have a high removal efficiency for bacterial and most viruses, colloids and silt.

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Ultrapure water system

Ultrapure water (UPW), high-purity water or highly purified water (HPW) is water that has been purified to uncommonly stringent specifications. Ultrapure water is a commonly used term in the semiconductor industry.

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Demineralization system

The Upcore demineralization system by Dow Chemicals is a modern packed bed counter-current-ion-exchange technology which has follow of the advantage of counter current system without the problem of earlier-generator system.

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